Alabama Taxi Insurance

Alabama Taxi Insurance

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Taxi cabs have been an important part of the Alabama public transportation system since the twentieth century. Taxis are important to cities such as Montgomery, Alabama where many residents don’t own cars and public transportation closes at about 9pm. As a result, Alabama taxi drivers are busy year-round. Individuals use taxis to get to and from the Birmingham and Huntsville airports and visit famous sites around the city such as the historic Birmingham city center. Moreover, about 2% of the population also take taxis to work everyday. Additionally, taxis are useful for simpler tasks like getting to the grocery store or local restaurants. With customers always in need of a ride for one reason or another, making sure your taxi fleet is ready to go for customers requires proper Alabama taxi insurance.

Alabama Taxi Insurance Benefits We Offer

Alabama taxi insuranceThe two main services we provide to taxi companies are Auto Liability and Physical Damage Insurance. Auto Liability protects you and your business from financial losses when you are in an at-fault automobile accident. If your taxi company is found liable for an at-fault accident, your coverage would pay to fix the persons vehicle you damaged, pay for medical bills of the passengers in that vehicle and also for the medical bills of the passengers in your own vehicle. Your commercial taxi insurance policy would also pay for court and legal expense fees if a third party decides to file a lawsuit against you in regards to an auto accident.

Physical damage coverage protects your taxi from damages whether or not you are at fault for an accident. This coverage is mandatory if you want to protect your taxi from damages whether you are considered at fault or not. Overall it covers you in the chance of a natural occurrence (weather/acts of nature), damage to your taxi caused by you or your driver, or predefined events in the policy.

Steps to Keep Your Taxi Company in Business

First, check that your taxi drivers have the proper certification. Second, ensure that your taxis meet industry standards. Alabama taxi insurance protects your fleet against a wide variety of incidents that may occur. Keeping your taxi fleet protected helps you maintain a successful taxi company and allows for operations to continue. No incident can stop your business and income. At American Business Insurance, we realize that keeping your taxi on the road in Alabama is the key to success. With over 30 years of experience of providing taxi cab insurance our company can give your Alabama taxi company customized taxi insurance solutions perfectly catered to your fleet.

Why Choose ABI for Alabama Taxi Insurance

Alabama Taxi Insurance

Our company began in 1985 as a small insurance agency. Today, we are currently one of the largest providers of commercial transportation insurance in the nation. Overall, we serve 40,000 satisfied customers, specializing in Alabama taxi insurance. We are able to handle any size fleet of taxi cabs you have. Additionally, our company also has exclusive relationships with the insurance carriers we write policies through. As a result, we are able to give your taxi company exclusivity that no other Alabama taxi insurance agencies can offer. American Business Insurance fosters long term relationships with their clients through success and reliability. Over the past 35 years, American Business Insurance gained client trust through long-standing, rewarding partnerships. Additionally, our experience allows us to know which types of coverage are most important to have for your business.

The sum of all of our values helps us build long lasting, valued and trusted relationships. We make it our business to understand our client’s needs – which makes for a true partnership. American Business Insurance commits itself to professional excellence, delivering on commitments on time and of the highest caliber. That’s why, American Business Insurance adopts only the best practices in the industry. Our stringent processes and systems allow you to be assured your Alabama taxi business is in good hands.

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