Arizona Limousine Insurance

Arizona Limousine Insurance

History of Transportation in Arizona

Arizona offers a wide range of transportation options such as buses, taxis, metros, and trains. However,  limousines are the perfect transportation choice for a special occasion. People often use limousine services in Arizona for weddings,

when going to prom, or for important business occasions. Therefore, your clientele can vary tremendously. With special occasions occurring everyday, limousines should always be ready for a customer. With customers always in need of a ride for one reason or another, making sure your limousine fleet is ready to go for the customer requires proper Arizona limousine insurance.

Limousine History

Since cars first started to transport people,  the wealthy, the famous and the busy turned to limousines as their favorite way to cruise around the City. In the 1930’s limousines took off. Guests for hotels used limos to get to and from their hotels fashionably. Because of that, the name “Airport Stretch Coach” was born. After seeing the growing popularity of the vehicles, the movie industry became extremely interested and embraced the limousine trend. Limousines were first used to carry film crew and stage personnel around movie sets. However, it soon became an ordinary accessory for movie actors and actresses. Limousines were the only cool way for celebrities to arrive to events. Today, the rich and famous still use limos. Nevertheless, limos are now a lot more accessible since they can to carry a much larger number of people.

How are Limousines Regulated in Arizona?

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, if a limousine has less than 15 passengers, the state regulates it under the “Vehicle for Hire” licensing rules. They must have paperwork proving drivers are up to date on criminal background checks, maintenance, drug testing, and they must be subject for on site compliance inspection. Plus, if drivers fail to comply they may receive fines up to $1,500 for each infraction.

The Federal Government regulates vehicles that carry 15 passengers or more, and they are therefore more likely to undergo an inspection. These bigger registered vehicles must display a USDOT federal license number on the side as proof of registration.

Why you need Arizona Limousine Insurance

ABI has been serving America since 1985 and is the perfect fit for Arizona limousine companies. Today, we are proud to say that ABI is one of the largest providers of commercial transportation insurance in the country, providing insurance for over 40,000 vehicles. After the October 2018 Limousine crash in New York, limousine regulations are projected to become stricter. ABI wants to help keep your luxury vehicle company on the road and operating at your fullest potential. ABI will give you the best limousine coverage in Arizona by doing all of the limousine insurance comparison and research for you, shopping you to multiple limousine insurance carriers for the best pricing, and giving you the most advanced payment and signature proposal in this limousine insurance industry.

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