Arizona Taxi Insurance

Arizona Taxi Insurance

According to World Population Review, Tucson has a population of five hundred twenty six thousand (1). Secondly, Phoenix has a population of four and a half million people. Serving a population of five million means that taxi drivers are going to a lot of different locations for different reasons. Taxis are important to the cities of Tucson and Phoenix Arizona. The popularity of taxis began in the twentieth century. As a result, taxi drivers in Tucson and Phoenix are busy year-round serving the large city populations. Arizona taxi insurance is imperative to keep it all running.

Mission San Xavier TucsonIndividuals use taxi cabs to get to and from the TUS and PHX airports and visit famous sites around the cities, such as the desert botanical garden and Mission San Xavier del Bac. Likewise, taxis are put to use on simpler routes like getting to the grocery store or restaurants. With customers always in need of a ride to their destinations, keeping your taxi fleet on the roads for customers means more rides and more business for your company.

Why American Business Insurance is the Right Choice for Your Taxi Company

Arizona taxi insurance

At American Business Insurance, we understand that keeping your taxi on the road in Arizona is a key factor for success. With over 30  years of experience of providing taxi cab insurance to Arizona taxi companies, we can create your customized Arizona taxi insurance solutions perfectly catered to your fleet.

American Business Insurance began in 1985 as a small insurance agency. Today, the company is one of the largest providers of commercial transportation insurance in the nation, serving 40,000 satisfied customers. We are ready and able to handle any size fleet of taxi cabs you have whether big or small. Additionally,  we have developed exclusive relationships with the insurance carriers we write policies through. As a result, we are able to give your taxi company exclusivity that no other Arizona taxi insurance agencies can offer.

Arizona Taxi Insurance

Arizona taxi insurance protects your taxi cabs against an array of incidents or accidents that may occur. Insurance is an important aspect that keeps your taxi’s protected and helps you maintain a successful taxi company by allowing operations to continue. An important starting step when researching your insurance needs is to check that your taxi drivers have the proper certification. After that, ensure that your taxi’s meets industry standards. When looking for a provider it is important to do your research to find the best match for you. American Business Insurance has many stable relationships with their clients due to past reliability and success. Over the past 35 years, American Business Insurance gained client trust through long-standing, rewarding partnerships. Our experience allows us to help you find the coverage that suits your business needs best.

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The sum of all of our values helps us build long lasting, valued and trusted relationships. We aim to show our clients an understanding that they are in the forefront of our business. Above all, we make sure we know our clients business to create a true partnership. American Business Insurance is committed to professional excellence, delivering on commitments on time and of the highest caliber. That’s why, American Business Insurance uses only the best practices in the industry. It is through our strict processes and systems that you can be assured your Arizona taxi business is in good hands all year round.

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