Bus Fleet Insurance


Bus Fleet Insurance

At ABI, we are most concerned about making sure the roads are safe, and most importantly, that everyone is insured. We insure a variety of vehicle types including fleet vehicles, taxis, limousines, trucks, and even buses. The high volume of passengers and

mileage that buses travel means that it is imperative to have adequate insurance. The bus and motor-coach industry transports people all over the country. To keep this popular industry safe, insurance programs often include tools to help improve driver safety, and anticipate problems before they occur. Whether the business is for charter buses, tours, or hotels, bus fleet insurance will cover any needs.

What Do the Customers Expect?

While riding on any form of mass transportation, such as airplanes, trains, and boats, customers of buses expect quality service. However, what they also expect is a smooth and safe ride, free of any casualty or injury. This involves hiring safe and trained drivers, maintaining the fleet of buses, but most importantly keeping the vehicles insured in the case of an accident. Customers of buses are often either on a trip, or going on a trip and expect to arrive at their destination safely. In the rare event something may happen, they expect to receive the help they deserve.

Why Choose a Bus?

Buses are a popular form of ground transportation in the US. This mostly is due to the lack of an adequate network for trains. They are often the cheapest way to get from point A to point B when a car isn’t an option. As a result, customers often take buses for hours at a time. However, customers also hire these buses as charters for tours, use them to transport hotel guests, and more. As a result, the high amount of people being transported for various distances requires excellent bus fleet insurance.

The Importance of Bus Fleet Insurance

Customers put their trust in buses and their drivers to get them to their destination safely, without any drama. Because people commonly use buses to travel long distances, bus fleet company drivers must be well trained and experienced. Despite the fact that bus accidents tend to be rare, in the event of an accident a bus needs to be insured. Even more, buses may fall victim to unexpected weather damage, theft, vandalism, and other unfortunate events. If and when these events occur, it is a relief knowing you are covered with your bus fleet insurance.

ABI Bus Fleet Insurance Coverage

Over the years, ABI has created connections with the best insurance carrier in the US. Thus, ABI can get the best bus fleet insurance coverage for the lowest rates. With over 35 years of experience insuring buses of all types in 48 states, ABI is able to bargain with insurance companies and get the best coverage to meet a variety of needs. ABI offers custom insurance and adapts it to match your old coverage and rates. The company ensures that the client meets filing requirements, contacts the providers, and makes sure the new policy is an improvement on the old one. ABI is able to make the process as easy as possible by offering explanations, finding coverage, and analyzing past losses to bargain insurance providers.

What ABI Offers

ABI offers businesses a variety of unique services for their bus fleet insurance. First, is customizable insurance to meet your individual policy needs. As a result, ABI adapts your policy to best fit your needs as a company. Additionally, ABI offers auto ID card & certificate issuance within minutes, and online access to make vehicle and driver changes 24/7. You can make changes at any time, within minutes. With over 35 years of experience, 40,000 vehicles insured and competitive pricing, there is no doubt ABI is the best choice for any business.

API Integration for Bus Fleet Insurance

In order to best meet the needs of its customers, ABI offers digital real-time transactions. The company is built off of an open platform that allows customers to integrate their mobile apps or websites in order to automate workflow, creating insurance coverage in real time. We employ in-house programmers who work with customers to meet specific needs in a manner that is fully scalable and extendable. This is just one of the many services that sets ABI apart from the average provider.

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