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Oregon has a unique economy powered by a diverse array of industries that require delivery insurance for their fleets. Manufacturing, logging and agriculture are a few of the economic powerhouses that contribute to Oregon’s thriving economy. What do these industries all have in common? They all rely upon the delivery of materials and products to maintain a profitable business.

Most recently, among other states, the state of Oregon has legalized the sale/distribution of adult use and medical marijuana. A subset of the agriculture industry, however, an industry in which delivery still plays an integral role.

Like the many states across the country, Oregon is rich in industries that depend upon delivery. Whether it’s the industries mentioned above, or other industries such as service and hospitality. Delivery services play a necessary part in the economies of Oregon, as well as this country as a whole.

If you’re among the businesses in Oregon who realized this need for reliable and efficient delivery service early on, it’s likely that your keen observation paid off. Having a delivery business may not be as simple as a brick and mortar location, but the extended reach to customers is something to keep in mind. Many businesses are now transitioning to delivery services to keep up with consumer demands. Operating any business has its challenges and delivery companies are no different. However, one of the absolute necessities of running a delivery service is finding dependable delivery insurance that caters to your company needs.

Why is Delivery Insurance Necessary?

If you’re reading this, you might work in a company focused on the delivery of goods for a fee. Delivery vehicles often spend more time on the road than corporate vehicles or other lines. For your business to continue doing what it was intended to, you need a specific type of insurance – delivery insurance. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, delivery and other jobs that require the employee to drive are among the top five most dangerous jobs in the country.

delivery insurance

Being that the delivery business is so high on the list of dangerous jobs, you want your vehicles and cargo covered. Same thing goes with your employees – they need to be covered. Therefore you need a reliable delivery insurance plan.

Delivery insurance is tailored specifically to the needs of delivery companies, covering a variety of things which everyday auto insurance may neglect. The most unique of which is coverage of the delivery goods themselves.

Where Should You Look for Fleet Insurance Quotes?

delivery insurance

Look no further than American Business Insurance Services, Inc. American Business Insurance has been providing a wide variety of insurance plans to diverse collections of customers for nearly 35 years. Over 75 years, American Business Insurance has insured over 40,000 vehicles nationwide. American Business Insurance Services has you covered – no matter the cargo.

What is covered by our delivery insurance:

  • Auto liability: Covering passengers of other vehicles and pedestrians that may be injured from accidents your drivers are involved in.
  • (Auto) Property damage: Covering damage up to the limits defined in your policy.
  • Comprehensive and collision: Covering small damages to your vehicle as well as theft, total destruction, fire and other things that may contribute to the loss of value to your vehicle.
  • Personal injury or medical coverage: Covering the driver up to the amount defined by the policy. Depending upon the coverage, coverage can extend to the driver’s personal medical bills.
  • Cargo coverage: Ensures that your cargo is covered and will still end up where it’s supposed to be if damaged or stolen.

Furthermore, American Business Insurance provides not just delivery insurance in Oregon. We have coverage of all types in states across the nation.