Illinois Limo Insurance: New Competitive Pricing

Illinois Limousine Insurance

With 85 percent of the state covered in corn fields, some people are surprised to learn that there are about 13 million people living in Illinois.  As a result,  people in Illinois do work in agriculture. However,  about 3 million work in the states largest, and most famous city – Chicago.  Illinois is known for being “the land of trains,” but many of its residents prefer a more comfortable and private ride around town.

Whether it be a special occasion like a wedding, prom or trip to the airport – many people rely on a black car or limo service which requires limo businesses to have Illinois limo insurance. In order to do that, you’ll need to find a broker who is specialized in Illinois Limo Insurance.

If you own a black car or limo service business in Illinois, you are most likely catering to all types of customers. Many customers are corporate business people, families or even famous people from time to time. Chicago is actually known for being home to many celebrities such as Robin Williams, Harrison Ford and even the famous, beloved late Walt Disney!

When you’ve got precious and famous cargo – you need to make sure your limo business is properly insured.

How much Insurance do you need and what will it cost?

According to the Illinois State Vehicle Code, for-hire, limo businesses are required to have  Illinois limo insurance. So operating a transportation business, it is important to establish a Corporation or LLC. Once you’ve created a business name, knowing what coverages to look for should be taken into consideration. At minimum, you will need a policy with Auto Liability Illinois limo insurance.

Depending on the seating capacity of your vehicles, the limit of insurance you need varies.

Below is a quick guide to the minimum auto liability limits you would need for your Illinois limo insurance policy:

For-hire passenger vehicles carrying 9 or less people: $250,000/$250,000/$50,000 or $300 CSL
Seating capacity:

  • 10-13: B.I. $1,000,000; P.D. $100,000
  • 14-20: B.I. $1,500,000; P.D. $100,000
  • 21-30: B.I. $2,000,000; P.D. $100,000
  • 31+: B.I. $3 million; P.D. $100,000

With newer, more luxury type vehicles you may want or need to protect your vehicle with Physical Damage coverage (also known as Comprehensive/Collision coverage). This type of Illinois limo insurance would cover actual damage to your own vehicle regardless of fault (remember, auto liability only pays for damage to someone else’s vehicles or property and any people you harm, other than yourself/the driver). Physical Damage coverage covers other types of accidents outside of colliding with another vehicle, such as theft, fire, smoke & wind damage. Also, depending on who you contract with, you might need a General Liability policy which protects your limo business against losses that occur outside of an automobile accident.

Illinois Limo insurance is a specialized industry and not just any insurance broker will do. When looking for the best limo insurance rates, working with an experienced broker will allow you to find the best Illinois limo insurance prices.

What’s the good news? You found us!

With over 35 years of experience in the Illinois Limo insurance industry, American Business Insurance has successfully insured 40,000 plus vehicles across the United States. Throughout the years, we have come to fully understand the needs and demands for limo businesses nationwide. That’s why, we’ve created an online portal for our commercial insurance clients to access their policies 24/7. On top of that, we shop the market for you. There are few companies writing Illinois limo insurance so by working with us, we take the leg-work out for you.

Let us take the driver seat! We have direct relationships with competitive markets currently writing Illinois limo insurance.

We process vehicle and driver changes instantaneously and we’re certain there are few commercial insurance agencies that can say the same thing.

Below is a short list of benefits you receive by working with American Business Insurance for your Illinois Limo Insurance:

  • Customizable insurance, unique to your needs in Illinois
  • Certificate & Auto ID Card issuance available in just minutes.
  • Online portal access to make vehicle & driver changes to your policy 24/7.
  • Over 35+ years of taxi insurance experience
  • Competitive pricing.

Why American Business Insurance?

If you’re not convinced already, we think it’s important to know that by working with us, you can expect quick and friendly service from brokers who truly understand your industry. Whether you need direction on what liability limit you need for your Illinois limo insurance or need recommendations on how to keep your limo fleet safe (Cameras, telematics – ask us, we have all kinds of suggestions!)  – we are always a quick phone call or email away. We are also a proud supporter and longtime sponsor of the Taxi, Limousine & Paratransit Association .

We love talking Illinois limo insurance so give us a call at (800) 980-1950 ext. 4.

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