Limo Insurance in Alabama

Limousine Insurance in Alabama

Limo services have been a popular way to celebrate special occasions in Alabama for over four decades. They are busy year round, shuttling Alabama’s almost five million residents in style. Accordingly, customers in big cities like Birmingham use limos for parties and weddings, as well as airport runs to BHM and executive meetings. Moreover, since these customers are using limos for special occasions, they demand limos that are reliable and in good condition. Choosing the right limo insurance in Alabama is important to ensure you are protecting your valued customers and your business.

Limo insurance in Alabama protects you from a variety of accidents that may occur. It is a vital aspect that helps your company remain protected and running smoothly. Our long-standing relationships with limo insurance providers in Alabama allows us to find you the best coverage in a short amount of time.

Why ABI is the Right Choice for You

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At American Business Insurance, we know how important it is to keep your limousine on the road. We have over 35 years of experience providing custom limo insurance in Alabama to all types of livery businesses. Correspondingly, from individual owners and operators, to large fleets with hundreds of vehicles, we have strong relationships with limo insurance providers unlike any other company. Ultimately, finding limousine insurance is a time consuming process that we can shorten significantly.

ABI started in 1985 as a grass roots insurance agency. Over the years we have grown to become one of the largest providers of commercial transportation insurance in the nation, including limousines. We have fostered relationships with insurance carriers, and therefore are able to get your fleet company covered by limo insurance in Alabama like no other provider.

Benefits We Offer for Limo Insurance in Alabama

Finding the Best Limo Insurance in Alabama

ABI is fast and efficient in getting you limo insurance in Alabama. We find the insurance that is right for you, taking care of the time-consuming research and comparison. The first step in getting you the right coverage is ensuring your company meets all filing requirements to qualify for limo insurance in Alabama. Then, we contract providers that insure luxury vehicles, making sure they are up to code and meet your company’s requirements. For companies that travel out of state, we make sure you meet all of the requirements of the Department Of Transportation. Ultimately, our goal is to match your expiring insurance coverage, and ensure coverages and deductibles match your specifications.

One very important requirement of qualifying for limo insurance in Alabama is having thorough loss history reviews. This is confusing for many customers, which is why we are here to help. To explain, your loss history is a document that the insurance company can access, showing any incidence you have had while insured with that company. The best result is to have all zeros on your report, signifying no accidents. If the number is not zero, or is high, we can help. At ABI, we help analyze your reports and have our underwriters argue for the best coverage on your behalf.

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