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What Does One Expect to Get Out of a Limousine Experience?


A limousine is the epitome of class and sophistication. It is a symbol for something or someone special. The experience of riding in a limo should feel like the height of luxury, and relaxation. For some, this is a special occasion, and for others it’s nothing new. Either way, everyone should have the opportunity to feel that way. And when they do, they expect their ride to be covered in any situation. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, or just another business trip, a limo experience should allow riders to kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Why a Limousine Experience?

For most people, a limousine ride is something out of the ordinary. In the case of a special occasion, they don’t want to be responsible for their own transportation. It feels much more luxurious to let someone else get you where you need to go. Especially when you can enjoy refreshments, music, and the company of friends. A proper limousine experience should make someone feel like royalty, as well as safe in the vehicle.

The Importance of Limousine Insurance

Customers put their trust in limousine drivers to deliver them to their destination safely, while giving them an exciting experience. Because limousines are of such high regard, their drivers must be as well. A luxurious, private car experience with a chauffeur should not typically result in an accident, but it does happen. Even luxury vehicles can fall victim to weather damage, vandalism, theft, and unexpected misfortunes. If and when these circumstances occur, you want to be able to know with confidence that you’re covered.

ABI for Limousine Insurance

ABI can connect you to the best limousine insurance in 45 states and has served over 40,000 commercial customers. With over 35 years of experience providing customized limousine insurance, ABI has strong relationships with limo carriers unlike any other company. Our goal is to work to find the most accurate coverage for the lowest the cost. We make sure that the client needs are  met including the filing requirements, contacting the providers, and making sure your new policy improves on your expiring coverage. We make the process as easy as possible by quickly finding coverage, explaining all of the requirements, and analyzing past loss history to bargain with insurance providers.

Benefits We Offer

  •    Customizable insurance to meet policy needs
  •    Certificate & Auto ID Card
  •    Online 24/7 access to make vehicle & driver changes
  •    Over 35 years experience
  •    Competitive Pricing

API Integration

In order to best meet the needs of its customers, ABI is able to offer digital real-time transactions. The company is built off of an open platform that allows customers to integrate their mobile apps or websites in order to automate workflow, creating insurance coverage in real time. We employ in-house programmers who work with customers to meet specific needs in a manner that is fully scalable and extendable. This is just one of the many services that sets ABI apart from the average provider. 

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