Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Insurance

We value comfort, quality, unique customer needs, and realistic, affordable prices. Here at American Business Insurance Services, we insure ambulance, business auto, car service, charter bus, child transportation, limousine, school bus, taxi cab, and last but not least, non-emergency medical transportation. We believe non-emergency medical transportation is a service that is very necessary and helpful for those with disabilities, special needs, and wheelchairs. Due to our passion for the cause, we want to make insurance accessible and affordable for your business.

When people think of medical transportation insurance, the first thought that often comes to mind is “emergency.” While people may not so easily think of non-emergency medical transportation, it is equally important to protect the vehicles in these instances. At American Business Insurance Services, to ensure protection for your business is our commitment. We provide top-level insurance from our experienced team and cater to the needs of our clients. 

Non-Emergency Medical  Transportation

The increasing cost of healthcare allows us to see how important it is to take advantage of preventative care, instead of waiting for a serious health problem to emerge. By providing insurance for non-emergency medical transportation businesses, we help break down the transportation barriers for those with disabilities, the elderly, and disadvantaged individuals. We do this by keeping those non-emergency transportation vehicles insured and on the road. In addition, non-emergency medical transportation saves businesses money in the long run by decreasing the cost of inpatient treatment, as well as reducing impact of disease. Spend a little extra money for non-emergency medical transportation to reap the benefits. Increase transportation access to medical services results in notable savings long term. We support businesses that do this so that they can stay on the road, helping everyone who needs the service.

Non-Emergency Medical Services at ABI

At American Business insurance services, we insure over 40,000 vehicles, satisfying a wide variety of customers. Currently, we are one of the largest providers of commercial transportation insurance in the nation. Our staff is dedicated to providing coverage at affordable prices. Our business began in 1985 and we have been working to insure cabs, limos, ambulances and other transportation for network companies ever since. We continuously work to accommodate to the needs of our customers.

Non-Emergency Transportation Services Provided:

At American Business Insurance Services, we offer insurance for more than just emergency and taxi transportation. We offer non-emergency transportation insurance because we know that some people who are not in an emergency need more than just a taxi service is able to provide. Our insurance covers service providers with the following:

  • Access to accessible transportation
  • Transportation for riders in wheelchairs
  • Accessibility for those in stretchers
  • Better life quality for the disabled

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