San Diego Taxi Insurance

San Diego Taxi Insurance

Being one of the world’s most sought after destinations, San Diego is bustling year round. 1.4 million san diego taxi insurancepeople occupy the sunny, ocean-side paradise. Each year over 35 million tourists go to San Diego to see for themselves what the hype is all about. With this much traffic, you better believe that Taxi’s are in high demand. In San Diego, Taxi Insurance is lucrative. The influx of people combined with the high traffic rates, is an accident waiting to happen. At ABI, we will insure that your San Diego Taxi Insurance is top of line, and uniquely equipped to your needs.

The hot pick up zone from San Diego starts at the Airport, and takes tourists and traveling locals all over the city. The San Diego Zoo is also another high-traffic area with millions of tourists coming from all over the world to see the animals. San Diego has a high rate of customers who call in to schedule a taxi for a ride. Whether that ride is to the airport in the morning, or to a favorite bar, ABI has you covered.

The Role ABI Plays

American Business Insurance started out as a small insurance agency in 1985. Today we have over 40,000 customers and we are able to handle any sized fleet of taxis you have. What makes ABI out-shine the competition is the unique relationship we have with carriers allowing us to write custom insurance policies that fit your needs. This adds up to making our San Diego taxi insurance policies the best and most cost effective for your business.

  • Customizable insurance, unique to your needs in San Diego
  • Certificate & Auto ID Card issuance available in just minutes.
  • Online portal access to make vehicle & driver changes to your policy 24/7.
  • Over 35+ years of taxi insurance experience.
  • 40,000 vehicles insured.
  • Competitive pricing.

With these kind of pros, you can’t lose with San Diego Taxi Insurance through ABI.

Why Taxi Insurance is Vital

Accidents and incidents are a common threat amongst taxi drivers around the country. A comprehensive insurance plan with ABI ensures that your business can continue thriving. It’s important for every driver to have the proper certification with them at all times while driving. Without that, taxi licenses can be stripped and business will stop. When finding the insurance company that will work best for you, the proper research is essential. ABI has 35 years of experience with long-lasting relationships with every company and individuals that trust us with their policies.

Why Choose a Taxi

Ride-sharing apps have grown wildly in popularity. However, there are an array of risks that some ride-sharing apps can create. Unlike original taxi drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers don’t go through the rigorous maintenance inspections or thorough background screenings. However, taxi drivers need to undergo thorough background screenings, car maintenance, and driving records. Taxi’s nowadays are also using apps that customers can book services through. So, you can get the win-win situation of having a super safe ride, along with the convenience of booking a ride through your phone.

What do Customers Expect?

Safety, quality service, professional drivers, and knowledge of the landscape. Taxi drivers must have all these things to excel in their work. Customers also expect a smooth ride without any incidents, accidents, or delays. This means hiring the best drivers, but also having the best insurance. Insurance puts the customer and the driver at peace knowing they are both covered if anything were to happen. Most people using taxi services are traveling, and the last thing they want to deal with is an insurance nightmare.


At American Business Insurance, our goal is to build long lasting, valued and trusted relationships. Our mission is to create an understanding with our clients that they are in the forefront of our business. We strive to make sure we know our clients business thoroughly to create a true partnership. ABI is committed to professional excellence, delivering on commitments on time and of the highest caliber. We use only the best practices in the industry through our stringent processes and systems that let you operate your taxi company with confidence. Get a quote today.