Taxi Insurance in Anchorage Alaska

taxi insurance in Anchorage Alaska

Finding Taxi Insurance in Anchorage Alaska

Taxi Transportation Services are essential for the economy of Anchorage Alaska. The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) is the largest airport in Alaska. Over 5 Million passengers fly through ANC annually. According to, ANC is responsible for 1 in 10 jobs in Anchorage! Taxi fleet operators in Anchorage play a large part.  With over 300 Airbnb’s listed and hundreds of hotel options, travelers are relying on taxi fleets in Anchorage on a daily basis. ANC is about 20 minutes from downtown. Taxi drivers are not only consistently picking up and dropping off passengers from the airport, but also providing transportation to lodging, tourist attractions, restaurants and bars. Anchorage has a bustling department of transportation. If you own or operate a taxi fleet making sure you are obtaining the best taxi insurance in Anchorage Alaska is important for safety, operation, and return on investment.

How To Find the Best Taxi Insurance in Anchorage Alaska

There are two main ways to look into finding the best taxi insurance quote for your Anchorage taxi fleet. The first way is to begin contacting various insurance agencies for individual quotes. This takes a ton of time and research, leaving you the business owner with the task of comparing policies, hours of phone calls with agents, long wait times for quotes, and the decision of which policy is best for you.

Our team at American Business Insurance Services, Inc. does not recommend option one! This brings us to option two, let us do the work for you! By contacting an insurance broker such as American Business Insurance Services, Inc for your taxi insurance in Anchorage, Alaska we are able to shop multiple markets to find you the best taxi insurance quote for your business. Often times we are able to provide quotes within the same day, or even within minutes!

At American Business Insurance Services, Inc. we are your taxi experts. Deciding on the appropriate taxi insurance for your Anchorage taxi fleet can be confusing. There are many different types of insurance available for taxi companies in Anchorage Alaska. It’s our job to cater to your needs as a business in order to deliver you the best taxi insurance quote at the most competitive price.


Requirements for Taxi Insurance in Anchorage, Alaska

As stated previously there are many different types of insurance available for taxi companies. Not all types of insurance are mandatory, but the taxi policy you must have to operate your taxi fleet in Anchorage, Alaska is Commercial Auto Liability. This policy protects you and your business from financial losses when you are involved in an at-fault automobile accident. Under Commercial Auto Liability, your taxi insurance policy would also pay for court and legal expense fees if a third party decides to file a lawsuit against you in regards to an auto accident.

Physical Damage Insurance, though not mandatory is an important type of coverage to have on your policy.  If you are leasing or financing a taxi cab in Anchorage you have an outstanding loan or lien on the vehicle. Physical Damage will protect your taxi from damages whether you are considered at fault or not, and also protects the loan or lienholder on the vehicle if not owned outright.

All Physical damage policies will have a deductible which usually range from $500-$5,000.

There are two types of ways physical damage insurance is written

Comprehension & Collision Basis*


Collision & Specified Perils*

*More information on the types of Physical Damage Insurance can be found here or give us a call!

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taxi insurance in anchorage

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Benefits of Working With American Business Insurance Services, Inc.

For Your Taxi Fleet in Anchorage, AK

American Business Insurance Services, Inc. offers more than just an insurance policy for your Anchorage taxi company. We understand that operating a taxi fleet requires round the clock maintenance and oversight. That is why we created an online portal to go with your taxi insurance policy. This allows your Anchorage taxi fleet 24/7 access to changing vehicle and driver information, print ID cards and Certificates, and live person phone support during business hours.


taxi insurance in Alaska

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Today at American Business Insurance Services, Inc. we insure over 40,000 vehicles with thousands of satisfied customers. Currently, we are one of the largest providers of commercial transportation insurance in the nation. We understand what it takes to keep you on the road; our staff has over 75 years of combined experience insuring cabs, limos, ambulances and other transportation network companies. We continuously work to provide the coverage you need at prices you can afford.

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