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Do you rent your car or fleet on Turo? Period X™ Rental Fleet Owner Insurance is for fleet owners (or individuals) renting their cars out on Turo and other platforms. It’s on demand insurance coverage for vehicles outside rentals. This segment of time is what we call ‘Period X™’, and because no one else provides coverage for this, we’re the proud creators of this much needed product.


Our product is one of a kind and if you are renting your vehicles out on P2P rental platforms personal insurance does not cover you or your fleet for this type of business model.

Period X™ Insurance Highlights

PeriodX™ is fleet tracking with the insurance built in!

  • Track your fleet at all times.
  • Online access to make vehicle & driver changes to your policy 24/7
  • Over 35+ years of experience
  • Thousands of customers and vehicles insured

Period X™ Insurance Meets State Requirements

First, did you know you that you need insurance 24/7, even when the vehicle is not being rented? That’s where ABI and our Period X™ rental fleet insurance platform comes in. In addition, our Period X™ Insurance policy provides more than the minimum state limits in nearly 50 states. Period X™ is a comprehensive insurance product to cover fleets that are being rented out on Peer to Peer (P2P) rental platforms such as the ones mentioned above.

Our product is one of a kind and while insurance is usually provided to renters through these P2P rental platforms, meaning, they do not supply insurance for when the vehicle isn’t rented out.

Keep your clients paying on time with Period X™’s 24/7 GPS tracking and engine stop capabilities.

Fleet Management Dashboard Features

Car with GPS Tracking on Period X™ rental fleet owner insurance

GPS & Mileage Tracking

Enjoy a seamless tracking experience using Bouncie GPS, PassTime GPS, OneStep GPS or MooveTrax GPS devices. GPS tracking is required to benefit from Period X™ rental fleet owner insurance. Importantly, this allows you to understand exactly where your vehicle is at all times, and allows you track mileage.

Car with Onboarding Online using Period X™ rental fleet owner insurance

Onboarding & Removal

Then, once your policy is in place, you will be able to create your sign in and add or remove vehicles whenever you need to, along with enabling or disabling coverage for each vehicle as needed.

Car with notifications with Period X™ rental fleet owner insurance


Furthermore, monitor unplugged devices, mileage per car, set GeoFencing alerts and receive notifications for vehicle maintenance and billing reminders.

Technology Empowers Period X™

Every Period X™ policy holder receives a proprietary device for each vehicle that they insure, as well as a fleet management web-based dashboard to help manage their fleet. To Learn More about how Period X™ works on top of Period 1, 2, & 3 making sure your vehicle is covered at all times read our full blog on Period X™ here.

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