Tropical Storm

Hurricane Hilary

Hurricane Hilary Fast Approaching the Southwest.

California has issued the first ever Level 4 Hurricane warning.  Hurricane Hilary is quickly gaining momentum off of the Coast of Mexico and is expecting to land in California, Nevada and Arizona on Sunday.  In anticipation of this unprecidented weather event, we want to remind you of your Physical Damage (Comp & Collision) policy limitations.  Your claim may not be covered in full if you don’t take action:

We have temporarily paused new quotes and adding certain coverages in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Here are some tips to protect your vehicles:

Ensure that lots in high-risk areas have less than $250,000 in inventory or are adequately protected. Temporarily, you should move vehicles to safer locations. You can find out if your location is in a flood zone on the FEMA Flood Map Service Center.
An ideal place to park during a hurricane or hailstorm would be a parking garage’s upper levels (not very top).  An enclosed home garage or storage facility would help prevent flood damage as well as damage from high winds and debris.  Alternately, parking close to a building can provide partial shelter from wind and debris.  Be mindful of nearby trees, power lines or other objects that could fall on your vehicle.
Monitor the National Weather Service or your local news reports to keep updated with storm developments.  Keep your employees informed by text message or regular check-in calls.
Adjusters may require proof of the vehicle’s condition before a loss. Take photos of your cars as part of your hurricane preparedness plan.
Store important vehicle documents like your title, registration, insurance documents – even your keys – in a safe location that is easily accessible in the event of an emergency.It’s always good practice to have a Risk Management Plan in place to protect your business against catastrophic losses. It can be challenging to recover from any disruption in your operations. Being proactive against losses can help keep your business running smoothly.