NEMT/Paratransit Insurance in California for Company Fleet of 15+ Vehicles

We all have loved ones who, at one time or another, are in need of consistent medical care. Whether they be our aging grandparents, parents, or even our in-laws- we want the best care for them. But the thing is people are busy. We can’t always find the time to escort our loved ones to doctor appointments and other medical treatment centers. Although, there are ways to make this process a little easier. Many families, hospitals, and doctor offices turn to NEMT/Paratransit Insurance providers to fill this need.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, made paratransit service a daily reality for many Americans with disabilities. By providing transportation for those with disabilities, paratransit services are paramount to the well-being and mobility of thousands of Americans.

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California NEMT/Paratransit Insurance and Background

In California, the major hubs are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco. There are over 7 million people in these cities. Many of the elderly people living here need transportation to medical centers at all hours of the day. 

Even for those who are fortunate enough to have loved ones to drive them around, it’s not always convenient. Everyone living in these cities knows that traffic is horrendous, finding parking is a nightmare, and a whole day could be filled with a doctor’s visit.

This is when paratransit service or NEMT comes into play. There are many paratransit agencies that operate fleets of 15+ vehicles in California that American Business Insurance Services, Inc. works with to provide the best available coverage. Those seeking transportation are able to be picked up at their specific location and then the NEMT vehicle discharges passengers on request at various hospitals or medical centers. Having the right paratransit fleet insurance is essential in making sure your business and customers are covered in case of an incident. 

When customers are looking to choose a paratransit service or agency to be responsible for their loved ones, they will be looking into the NEMT company to make sure their loved one is going to be safe and protected.  American Business Insurance Services, Inc. provides NEMT/Paratransit Insurance to companies nationwide creating customized policies to best serve our clients’ needs.

How to Decide on Paratransit/NEMT Insurance For Your Company Fleet

There are a lot of factors that go into finding the best insurance coverage for your Paratransit Company’s large fleet. Therefore, prepare to answer a few questions when working with American Business Insurance to find you the best quote to match your business needs. 

  • Do your vehicles have lifts or ramps? 
  • Do your vehicles include backup cameras? 
  • Are the majority of your trips for passengers ambulatory or non-ambulatory? 
  • Do you contract with LogistiCare or other providers with strict insurance requirements?

Insurance companies ask these questions to ensure you are fully covered under your policy. At American Business Insurance Services, Inc., we guarantee the most thorough coverage for your large fleet. Furthermore, we have trained professionals who will take care of everything, and will guide you through the process of properly insuring your NEMT fleet most efficiently!

Why You (the Paratransit service/agency) Need Full Coverage

Having the proper paratransit or NEMT insurance is critical to operating a successful transportation business. The services that paratransit automobile fleets accomplish for those in need are truly life-changing and deserve insurance that is equally up to par.

Moreover, the reason you (the Paratransit service/agency) need NEMT/Paratransit Insurance is to ensure the safety and reliability of your paratransit service company, protecting your passengers and your business.

Paratransit/NEMT Insurance at American Business Insurance Services, Inc.

At American Business Insurance Services, Inc., our goal is to build long-lasting, valued, and trusted relationships. Our mission is to create an understanding with our clients because we want them to know they are at the forefront of our business. American Business Insurance Services, Inc. is committed to professional excellence, delivering on commitments on time, and of the highest caliber. In addition, we use only the best practices in the industry through our stringent processes and systems that let you operate your California paratransit service company with confidence.

Furthermore, most agencies take days or even weeks to process a vehicle or driver change on your NEMT/Paratransit Insurance policy. At American Business Insurance Services, Inc. we have a fast, easy, and user-friendly online customer portal that you will love. Our state-of-the-art agency portal allows you to manage your NEMT business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this portal, policy changes can be made online at any time – day or night. This is essential in running a business that also operates 24/7.

We promise to do the leg work for you. We have built strong long-term relationships with our carriers of paratransit insurance in order to find you the best policy to match your business needs. Our 35+ years of experience in insuring commercial auto fleets makes American Business Insurance quick and efficient in finding the best carrier options.

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