Delivery Insurance

Every business that transports an item for a fee should have commercial delivery insurance. From owner-operator sized businesses to large fleets, our agency has a market that suits the needs of your company. Our agency features a proprietary management system that is specific to all types of business auto companies and delivery is not an exception. Whether you have been in operation for 30 years, or you are brand new in business, getting covered is easy. We shop all the currently competitive markets for you. All you need to do is sit back and wait while we handle the work.

The Coverage You Need

Because you’ve chosen to deliver goods for a fee, your business auto coverage technically falls into the “Livery” classification. Not all insurance carriers can cover this type of transportation so it’s important that you get the proper policy in place. Your business has entered an agreement with your client to get what they have and get it where it needs to go. Because your vehicle and driver are under contract, just any old auto policy will not do. Our licensed brokers are well-versed in where to shop your application to get the most competitive pricing on the proper policy type. Delivery vehicles tend to be on the road more often than other business categories and therefore the risk must be assessed properly. Here’s an introduction to the types of coverage that commonly apply to a delivery business;

  • Auto Liability: Covers passengers in other vehicles as well as pedestrians that may be injured by your employee / drivers up to the bodily injury limits listed on your policy.
  • (Auto) Property Damage: Covers damage to property caused by your employed vehicle operator up to the limits listed on the policy.
  • Comprehensive & Collision: Covers small damage to your owned vehicle as well as theft, total destruction, fire and other causes of loss up to the current value of your vehicle. A deductible typically applies.
  • Personal Injury or Medical Coverage: Covers the driver up to the amount listed on the policy for damage to self if they cause the accident. This amount can be used towards medical bills or towards the deductible on the drivers own health insurance if they have that coverage.
  • Cargo Coverage: Specific to the delivery sector, the type of cargo that you are hauling and how much it is worth is very important in ensuring you have proper coverage. This ensures that what you are transporting gets where it needs to go without worry of theft, fire, or other associated risks.

Other business insurance products such as General Liability, Workers’ Compensation and Business Owner’s Policies are also available.

Cannabis Delivery Insurance

Fairly new to the landscape of delivery services is the transport of cannabis. Some companies are having product delivered from their dispensaries or warehouses to customers at their homes. Other companies are transporting product from facilities to processing plants within the state. We are one of the very few agencies in the country with a direct appointment with the only insurance carrier that writes cannabis delivery insurance (as of October 2018).

As this is being written, Cannabis has been approved for legalization for either medical or adult use in many U.S. States, with more on the way. At American, we are licensed to transact insurance in every state except for Hawaii. A CBD-based, FDA approved drug has been approved recently as well. We view cannabis insurance as displaying the most potential for growth out of any business sector in the country.

At this point it seems inevitable that Cannabis will be federally legal within the next year or two. We work directly with the ONLY insurance carrier that writes cannabis delivery insurance at this time. We are able to access their online quoting system and provide you with an indication of pricing in minutes.

If you are new to cannabis insurance, you will soon find that most quotes take weeks before you hear anything back. Most agencies have to send their applications out to the carrier and wait for the underwriter to go through each one individually. With us, you get your pricing fast, often while you are on the phone with us!

Get a Cannabis Delivery Quote

Technology in the Delivery Space

The delivery service landscape has changed dramatically since the advent of the internet. This is largely due to the introduction of app stores and apps related to this business classification.

We have received many requests from business owners who have developed app-based delivery companies. They come to us unsure how to navigate the insurance aspect, and we offer them valuable insight. We are one of the only agencies in the country poised to insure these app-based delivery companies.

Our agency has exclusive relationships with incubator programs that insure the tech / transportation space. We’ve recently secured a relationship with an insurance carrier who is specifically interested in app-based delivery businesses. This program installs their SDK to your application and can charge insurance premiums based on monthly data audits. This is very exciting. Here at American, we are interested in working with delivery companies that are looking to grow into the future. Not only can we insure the transportation piece, but we also have excellent Cyber-Insurance programs. These programs are custom-written with peer-to-peer and app-based companies in mind. It seems like everyone is writing Cyber insurance these days. However, none are writing with the inclusions on the policies that we have access to.

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